Home Technology Company Targets the Long Island Region With New Website

Northport, NY – After meeting with President, Tim Steffens II of Home Technology Services, Inc., it was clear as to what his objectives were, who he was trying to connect with, and the specialized services he offered his clients. Having years of experience running a company of over 250 employees, Mr. Steffens shared that he learned one important lesson: focus on building relationships with your employees and clients, no matter what your position is within your organization. At HTC, Mr. Steffens works at developing relationships at the onset of every project and plans on continuing those relationships after his work is finished.

Skylar's Approach

When it comes to customizing a web project, some people think the "customization" or difference comes from the set of designs that are created. Of course I like to design elegant interfaces, but Skylar's distinct projects come from understanding the uniqueness of the client. The design work is a by-product of the relationship that develops with my clients.

That same process took place with Home Technology Consultants. After a few meetings, both in person and over the phone, plus several electronic correspondences, a few key phrases kept on surfacing - "natural space" and "family experience." It is true that HTC provides specialized theatre, media, and security services for homes. However, the company does far more than install equipment. When they enter a home, they examine the natural space of each room, the acoustics, the lighting, and furniture that is used by family members versus furniture used just for decor. Finally, after much thought and analysis, HTC recommends the best technologies for that home space, which results in a complete family home experience.

Skylar took that same approach with the site' s imagery. Instead of using common images such as cable wires, TVs, monitors, or people standing in front of TVs, Skylar sought ways to convey how important the natural space is to creating the ultimate home experience. The photos also encourage others to envision their own home space and how it could be transformed into an experience they've never had before.

As a way of streamlining phone calls, Skylar added a Request a Free Quote Form for people to get a rough estimate of what it might cost them. This benefits the client by getting an idea of the cost in short order, and it benefits HTC by getting key information without having to ever speak with the client. This cuts away wasted time and lends more time to focus on serving the client.

It has been a pleasure working with Home Technology Consultants on such an important project. We look forward to working with them in the future with other similar projects.