Skylar Redesigns Long Island Towing & Transporting Company

Huntington Station, NY – The Carranos know the towing industry like the back of their hand. Having been in the business since the early 1990s, they’ve got heroic stories to tell about rescuing stranded drivers with fast, reliable service. They can also tell you about the time they used their transporting service to securely deliver an ice bridge to the United Nations in NYC, Georgia for a loyal customer (Mark King) needing to relocate his business. And they can effortlessly rattle off what they believe should be the fundamental values of any strong business: integrity, competitive rates, reliability, and outstanding service and professionalism. But when the Carrano's established T & G Transport, Inc. in 2003, they were fueled by an even more compelling vision. They wanted to redefine local towing and transport service by providing a premier level of customer care.

T & G Transport is determined to raise the bar in the towing and transport industry. To get them on their way, they needed a strategy for showcasing the services and mindset that give them a leader’s edge. That's why they've partnered with Skylar Design.

Site Objectives

T & G Transport saw the worldwide web as the most far-reaching, cost-effective medium for directing customers to their services. By developing well-presented pages with clear information, they could quickly give potential customers a solid overview of their services, their work ethic and their community involvement.

They needed for Skylar Design to help them develop straightforward messaging objectives to:

  • Position themselves as a premier towing & transport company on Long Island,
  • Present a website that is unlike that of competitors,
  • Communicate the tremendous value placed on each customer, and
  • Showcase the worthy charities T & G has partnered with.

Skylar's Solutions

Skylar began by researching towing and transport businesses hosted on the web. What was the general imaging used industry-wide, and what actually worked and didn’t work? Why should clients come to the T & G site, and what did they need to understand quickly and clearly? How could they optimize their message and communicate their benefits with sincerity and set their way of doing business apart from competitors?

Skylar's plan of attack was to show this naturally gritty and earthy line of business in light of T & G's strength, organization, integrity and solid community ties.

First, Skylar created a custom interface which captured the genuine customer care T & G has for their clients. Next, they incorporated a towing chain on each web page to serve as an icon of strength and to support the sites navigation and logo. The chain also moves the user’s eye toward the collage of towing and transport photos.

Important consideration was given, down to the details of the T & G site, from using gradients on even the smallest of elements to creating textures that give a somewhat gritty feel to the site. Elements and text were strategically placed to enhance clarity and help support T & G's core value of outstanding customer service.

Once the overall look of the site was established, Skylar skillfully focused on the final touches:

  • A charity section was created to communicate T & G’s unique relationship with two local charities,
  • Testimonials were added to highlight T & G’s outstanding client relationships. and
  • Copy writing services were employed to ensure that the core message of T & G was clear to the reader.

By listening to their client and researching the competition, Skylar Design has produced a towing and transport site that is unlike anything their client has seen before; and the client couldn't be happier.

By establishing a website that has raised the bar on towing and transport imaging, T & G Transport, Inc. is well on its way to proving its edge as an industry leader.