Skylar Design Helps Spread the Purpose Revolution

Pittsburgh, PA – Since 1991, John Stanko has been involved as a teacher, author, consultant and coach in the purpose revolution that is sweeping the world. Known as a forward thinker with a keen eye, direct approach and passion for purpose, he founded PurposeQuest in 2001 to expand his influence in offering personal and leadership development both to individuals and organizations worldwide.

To get his message out with greatest impact, he turned to Skylar Design for the design of first in 2000. Since then, PurposeQuest has become a thriving business, reaching countless people and offering significant services, as has Skylar Design.

Both ironically and fittingly, PurposeQuest was Skylar’s first official web project. Their partnership has launched Skylar into its focused objective of helping organizations and businesses communicate effectively through the worldwide web. Now, Skylar is pleased to present’s new look and range of services. Stanko considers the new site seven years in the making because he “wanted something that would help the user find help with purpose, leadership, and faith.”

Site Objectives

Skylar worked with PurposeQuest to create a more user-friendly site with a framework that would enable Stanko to incorporate all his material into one place. His hope was to offer site visitors as many free resources and downloads as possible with optimum organization and archivability. Of special interest on the new site, Stanko hoped to present his Purpose Assessment, allowing visitors to complete a survey and receive a score that would measure their personal purpose proficiency.

Other site objectives included outlining services and specials with greater ease and creating a comprehensive contact page to identify the exact interests of those making inquiries.

Skylar’s Solutions

By carefully discussing Stanko’s vision and needs for the PurposeQuest site, Skylar Design was able to strategize the best placement of the sites many resources, including Bible Studies, memos, blogs and articles. Visitors may easily navigate the site, whether looking for information on coaching, leadership, purpose, or contact details.

Besides designing a new look for PurposeQuest and reorganizing the content, the greatest addition to this site is the free assessment, which is prominently displayed on the homepage and made accessible elsewhere throughout the site.

Visitors may complete the questionnaire and receive a customized e-mail that explains that score and sends him or her back to the portion of the PurposeQuest site that contains a deeper explanation of the score along with resources specific to the person’s profile.

According to Stanko, Skylar Design represents true web artistry, sweating every detail of design and rigorously testing the features, careful not to go "public" until everything is functioning properly.

"The design was more than I hoped for and the functionality is a marketing and sales plus for PurposeQuest,” Stanko says. “As usual, my dealings with Skylar were friendly, professional and thorough. I now have a website that will serve me well for years to come and that accurately represents my business and my message."

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