Skylar Designs Life-Coaching Website

Warrenton, VA – Focus in Coaching is a service designed for more than talking back and forth with someone. It's about embarking on a powerful adventure of self-discovery with a trusted guide. For Focus in Coaching Founder and Director Larry Warren, it's also about the great possibility of unleashing his clients' untapped potential and the resulting fulfillment.

To grow his business and help more people, Warren needed to establish a website that conveyed Focus in Coaching’s understanding of personal obstacles but, even more so, the attainability of clarity and hope in finding one's life purpose. Beyond improving brand recognition, his website’s "must haves" included establishing his company's genuine concern for people and inviting them to take advantage of a free introductory coaching session to begin their purpose-filled adventure.

Skylar Design helped him focus in on his goals.

Several phone meetings with Warren and careful analysis of the company's services made it clear that if Skylar could capture the right words and images, they could distinctively create a clear understanding of what coaching is and the uniqueness of the services Focus In Coaching provides to its clients. The natural results would be an increase in clients, in their understanding what to expect in each session, and in their absolute satisfaction.

According to Warren, Skylar Design produced "a website that is superbly designed, well articulated and very inviting. They have a great way of making my business look good." With the Focus in Coaching site live less than a day, the compliments were coming in. "I wholeheartedly recommend Skylar Design," Warren says.

Skylar's Objectives

Solidifying the client's objectives was crucial to determining Skylar's plan of action. Through extensive one-on-one conversations with Warren, Skylar uncovered emerging themes of clarity, hope, direction, adventure and trust as the crux of Focus in Coaching.

From there, Skylar reviewed several websites the client liked and disliked. Developing a look that was new and exciting was important to modeling Focus in Coaching's unique angle on helping clients. But the site also needed uncluttered freshness. To parallel the role of a great coach, who empowers players to discern their gifts and operate in their strength zone, Skylar also felt that elements of the site should allow viewers to come away with their own meaning of the visuals.

Strategy Specifics

Much time was spent, from the design to the actual placement of content, on looking at familiar groupings of content, and a definite hierarchy was established:

  • the main content was given more space with bolder headers,
  • less important content was placed within a sidebar or below the main content, and
  • a tertiary section was added to give the viewer a summary of Focus in Coaching and its director, his specialties and his key affiliations.

Incorporating relational imagery was important to adding warmth to the site, but Skylar chose to also include visual twists that communicated the personal journey so valuable to the Focus in Coaching experience. The images were carefully chosen to leave room for viewers to put themselves in the picture. The homepage, for example, represents the reality that life brings much to navigate…decisions to make or questions that need answers…but, with focus and empowerment, life also offers hope and endless possibilities.

Sometimes, all we need is an exceptional guide to help our adventure unfold. Skylar is pleased to lead the way in web design so that its clients can move forward in their fields. Focus in Coaching couldn’t be happier.

"Skylar stood out from the rest of the design companies I contacted, right from the start…They called me on the phone the same day, and their team took the time to work with me through every step of the project. It's this personal touch that makes Skylar Design an extraordinary company to work with."