Skylar Design Gives Cheerway Care a Lift

Potomac Falls, VA – "Providing the very best in specialized home care.” That’s the goal of Cheerway Care, Inc. and the positive reputation they seek to spread throughout Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland. This outstanding family owned and operated business was formed in 2000 when Cheerway President Nellie Pitog, a former geriatric and visiting nurse, realized the pressing need for exceptional home care that genuinely helps people and supports dignity of life.

In the daily course of caregiving, the Cheerway staff intently focuses on the three C’s of service: competence, compassion and cheerfulness. To attract and educate both potential clients and employees, Pitog also understands the need to concentrate on three important marketing P’: professionalism, process and positioning. She recently called upon Skylar Design to see these objectives through.

The results: a fresh, uplifting, well-defined website offering optimized usability for a variety of audiences … and Cheerway couldn’t be happier.

Cheerway’s Objectives

When Skylar met with Cheerway, five design objectives were set before them:

  • Improve their overall branding with a much more professional image to match their genuine commitment to providing professional care.
  • Expand the functionality and user-friendliness of their employment application process.
  • Position their business more prominently in web search engines.
  • Provide a place for news and client quick resources.
  • Design a website that accommodated their projected growth and need for future sections to the site.

Skylar’s Work

Rebranding Cheerway was Skylar’s top priority, so they began with reconstructing the company’s logo. To identify the most effective image and messaging, Skylar gathered home care information via teleconferences with the client, surveys and research on their industry. Once the final logo iteration was in place, Skylar designed a corresponding stationery system, which included business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

Redesigning and restructuring Cheerway’s website was next on the list and included rethinking the company’s employment page. The previous application form was difficult to find and navigate, so Skylar reorganized the arduous process with a streamlined form and an easy-to-understand click-complete-send system. The new process is so easy and well-received, in fact, that all potential employees are now directed to the site to complete the online form.

Other design fixes included incorporating clearly marked headers, easy-to-read typefaces, and intuitive information flow on each web page to create a positive experience for visitors. To enhance the site’s search engine prominence, key words—such as home care, senior adults, long- or short-term disability, chronic illness and companionship and assistance—are emphasized within headings and initial paragraphs. Skylar also carefully considered the site’s scalability throughout the redesign process. With Cheerway’s initial web and print phase complete, the company is well positioned for future site expansion.

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