Web Extras

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To make things clear, I've narrowed my scope of services into four main categories: 1) web consulting, 2) web design, 3) web development, and 4) web extras. This last category combines several specific services that clients have requested. You can use as many or as little as you need.

I ONLY Need Custom Web Design Services

I've had the privilege of working with large teams who have all the programming talent internally, but lack the design skills to create the visual layouts. I actually love these particular projects as my role is very focused (and besides, I get to do a lot of creative stuff). If you're in that position and need only the custom user interface designs, I can provide that for your company. Once you've signed off on the design comps, I can hand over the original files to your web developer(s). Note: Although this isn't part of my normal workflow, there are many companies that still need complete design layouts and that's something we can discuss.

I ONLY Need HTML5 and CSS3 Programming

Some organizations are fortunate to have a full-time designer in-house while others have a working relationship with a design house that develops all their marketing materials. If you feel more comfortable using your existing graphic designer to design your web interfaces, that's perfectly fine. I can write all the HTML5 and CSS3. All I would need are the existing source files (.psd, .png, or .ai).

I Need a HTML E-mail Newsletter

HTML e-mails have proven to be very effective for staying in touch with your audiences and increasing website traffic. To help strengthen your brand awareness, I can create a custom HTML e-mail design just for you and then program it so it's ready to be sent out. I've been creating these for well over a decade now and to this day, continue to create them for my clients.

I Need Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has really taken hold of how we connect with others. It allows us to create our very own social communities. Today, it's a given your business or organization already uses Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others to keep your followers connected and up-to-date and gives you the ability to market and promote your brand. However, having a social media account does not mean you're maximizing the powerful tools available. I can help you customize your social media profile as well as help you craft your posts/tweets so others can repost them, helping your message go viral.

I Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, better known as "SEO", is a process of making ongoing adjustments both on and off your website to help real people find what they're looking for within the search engines. The key to understanding this correctly is recognizing that your target market is people, not search engines. Everyday, people (your primary target) use search engines (the means by which they find you) to find answers to their questions, the solutions to their problems. My goal as a web developer is to make your content accessible to both people and search engines. Over the years, I've had great success with my client's placement within the search results especially when it comes to organic search engine optimization.

I Need Web Hosting

Every website needs a host, a place to call home. Without a hosting company, no one would ever find your website. I've partnered with an outstanding web hosting company to provide you the best in customer service and assurance your website is continually visible. Once I get a better idea of your goals, I can then determine which hosting solution best fits your needs and budget.