Value doesn't come from me providing great web solutions. Value comes about when I can help others solve a problem they're facing; the focus is the person, not the latest tech trends.
Skylar Design would not exist today without integrity. I count it as an honor to serve my clients and each relationship is built on trust. I operate with the highest sense of ethics and perform all areas of operations with integrity.
There is no excuse for mediocrity. I've never met an individual who chose to pay for average services. When is the last time you said to yourself, "I'm looking forward to watching an average movie or having an average meal at an average restaurant?" I believe every website I build should be better than the last one. In order to maintain that cutting edge position, I'm continually working on my professional growth as well as networking with some of the best leaders in the industry. It's important to develop those skills and use the best tools available. However, this alone does not make one a great web developer; it's understanding the client's needs and selecting the best solution to meet those needs. To me, that's excellence!
Client-Centered Service
Serving my clients is my number one priority. How I serve my clients has always been what I call an "outside/inside" approach. Traditionally, it's always been the opposite. A client approaches the web firm and the firm states here is what we offer, now how can I help you. The outside/inside model would say, "Can you help me understand a little bit about you and the problem you're trying to solve?" The focus is the client, not the firm. At Skylar Design, I view my work as a collaboration of individuals - both you and me - working together to create an outstanding piece that works for you and your customer base.
Although I love creating things for the web, the very nexus of Skylar Design is the relationships I have with my clients. I've been very fortunate to have loyal clients for many years and I don't take that for granted. Without them, Skylar Design would be non-existent. These relationships are at the heart of everything I do. In a world where the bottom-line always comes down to money, I'd like to think that demonstrating you genuinely care for your clients would be at the very top of your list of priorities.
While I was in graduate school, I took the opportunity to take a course solely on the creative process. In all my years of higher education, I had never experienced a class like that before. That course tapped into something very meaningful and real for me. The deeper I immersed myself in the class work, the more I hungered to grow and become more creative. I feel the same way about my current work at Skylar Design. I still have that same passion for creating new and innovative solutions. What really inspires me the most is seeing the fruit that comes out of that creative experience.
Pursuit of Growth & Learning
With technology changing at what seems to be at a weekly pace, I'm continually developing my web skills. Design is always an ongoing process of observing, critiquing, asking questions, experimenting and learning from other great designers. As for programing, HTML and CSS will always be the essential languages I love to work in. I won't ever settle for quick and easy web solutions. For me, it's an art to write a great HTML and CSS document. But in order to stay proficient, I choose to hone these skills on a daily basis. I'm a learner at heart. And that's probably evident by the many questions I like to ask. From my perspective, Skylar Design only gets better if I'm willing to take personal responsibility for my own growth.
Contrary to the norm, I welcome change. It keeps me on my toes and prevents boredom from setting up shop. In life, we'll always have external and internal factors causing us to stretch and adapt to our changing environments. I've had my share of experiences but I truly believe they've contributed to me becoming more flexible in challenging circumstances. When a difficult situation arises, I view it as an opportunity to do something great, not a problem that can't be solved. Flexibility is a key to my work and how I approach each project. With the web changing at such a rapid pace and the needs of people growing by the moment, it's essential to have that ability to ebb and flow.
Have Fun
If you have noticed by now, I'm a firm believer in professional excellence in my work and how I do business. But at the same time, I equally value the joys of life and simply have fun. After being at this for some time now, I can honestly say that I just love what I do. I sometimes wake up early just because I can't wait to create a new piece, write some code, or read about an inspiring person. As long as I lead Skylar Design, I will always encourage a sense of humor; in fact, smiles are always welcome.
No matter what I do, whether it's this field or another, I'm always thinking about what I'm leaving behind for the next generation of leaders. Leaving a legacy doesn't commence when we pass on. Legacy thinking should be a present concept, not after you retire. When I'm working with a client on a given project, I'm not just concerned about the work I do. I also concerned about the person and the experience they have. I want them to feel like they're the most important person. I want them to experience something that is memorable, hopefully something well beyond the creation of their website. Like my father, I hope to leave a lasting impact on people.